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Gun Holsters

The Second Edition that adds THREE NEW CHAPTERS is NOW AVAILABLE!


Printed in USA and posted to you directly from USA.

About Red

"Holstory -- the Second Edition" is the intricate tale of the hundreds of men and women of the American saeculum that was 1905-1985 -- the historic period during which all innovation in American gunleather was accomplished -- who beginning with the Brill scabbard revolutionized gunleather designs to suit the Twentieth century and city lifestyles.


NOW THREE ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS have been added to outline the full story of holstory.  Each new chapter includes its own all-new colour images and finally fills in the blanks for the players whose fates had been left unknown -- until now.


'Holstory' is filled with biographical information about the 50 significant holster makers and the 250 players of the 20th century who produced the seminal designs of modern gunleather that are still made and worn today.


It's all accomplished in 250 full-size pages containing 90,000 words, 500 color images, and 1,000 footnotes in support.  

   By R.E.D. Nichols and John Witty.

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Gun Holsters
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