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Books About The Old West

Holstory: Books About The Old West and the History of Cowboys

Do you love books about the old west? Maybe you want to learn about the history of cowboys? No historical cowboy books on the market today get as in-depth as Holstory. This history of cowboys is full of true stories about the gunslingers and lawmen who depended on well-made gun leather to keep them alive. You'll be thrilled with full-color photographs of the actual gun leather worn by some of your favorite legends.

If you're searching for historical cowboy books, you'll find a handful available. But if you want a book about the old west and a history of cowboys from a gun leather maker and collector, then there's no better read than renowned craftsman Red Nichols and holster guru John Witty's Holstory. The duo teamed up to create this coffee-table volume and one of the most comprehensive historical cowboy books about gun leather that you'll find, complete with full-color photography from Witty's collection. You'll learn about the history of cowboys through an in-depth review of holsters, catalogs, and advertisements from the most significant gun holster makers of the twentieth century. Witty's carefully chosen photos illustrate the most significant developments in the history of gun holsters, making this one of the most comprehensive books about the old west, ever.

Nichols brings decades of experiences and relationships to this contribution to books about the old west. He had the opportunity to learn about gun leather and the history of cowboys when he worked as a holster designer with John Bianchi in 1970. Nichols spent the next decade developing Bianchi Holster company’s extensive catalog of designs. Then he went on to create custom holsters, making a place for himself in the history of cowboys, with an incredible 50 patents. Even more, Nichols has given us one of the most brilliant historical cowboy books on the market, with a comprehensive history of cowboys in the 20th century.

You learn about key designers and company histories. Nichols also dissects the details of these historical holster designs in a way that only a craftsman can. That means that you'll learn about gun leather and the history of gun holsters through names such as El Paso Saddlery, Berns-Martin, S.D. Myres Bucheimer, Don Hume, and Chic Gaylord. You'll read about authentic gunfighters in one of the most captivating American historical cowboy books you'll find.

For example, there are full-page images of holsters such as the Heiser Mexican Loop holster, circa 1922, worn by the likes of Texas Ranger Capt. J.R. Hughes and J.C. “Doc” White. And if you're a holster fan, you're probably familiar with the Bucheimer holster, circa 1978. But you may not know the Holstory. There aren't any books about the old west that get as deeply into the history of gun holsters as this incredible book by Nichols and Witty.

If you love historical cowboy books, purchase Holstory online.

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