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Cowboy Action Shooting Holsters

Cowboy Action Shooting Holsters: Cowboy Gun Leather

Moving west created a variety of different needs for guns. Cowboy gun leather became a sought-after product with the migration westward, and artisans began to design cowboy action shooting holsters. A cowboy shoulder holster is a design for large-caliber handguns. By the early twentieth century, the cowboy shoulder holster was popular. It had a dual purpose. One, to conceal the weapon, and two, it made the firearm readily available. Many of these old west holsters are still around in the designs we use today.

Both law enforcement and gunfighters used these cowboy action shooting holsters. There were lots of reasons for their popularity. For one, it meant that you had an extra gun on you. The cowboy shoulder holster is a type of cowboy gun leather that allows the firearm to hang under the arm vertically. Of course, there are several configurations when it comes to cowboy action shooting holsters. If you wanted a fast draw, then you likely chose a skeleton or clip spring to improve your speed.

There's a long and rich history in cowboy gun leather. From the pommel bag holster—the first form of gun leather for military use— to Cartridge Belts, Holsters, Gunbelts, Hip Pocket, and Shoulder Holsters. Holstory is the history of cowboy action shooting holsters and more. Renowned craftsman Red Nichols and holster guru John Witty teamed up to create this coffee-table volume on the American history of cowboy gun leather. It's packed with full-color photography from Witty's collection. You'll learn about the cowboy shoulder holster and find an in-depth review of other types of holsters, catalogs, and advertisements from the most significant cowboy shoulder holster makers of the twentieth century.

Holstory is a gorgeous coffee table book containing 360 color images along with footnotes to support the history of cowboy gun leather. It highlights how cowboy action shooting holsters mean a better draw because they fit a specific weapon. Red Nichols knows more than anyone on the planet when it comes to cowboy gun leather. He learned about western gun leather through his apprenticeship with world-renowned John Bianchi in 1970. Nichols made a reputation for himself in cowboy gun leather, producing many a cowboy shoulder holster before his retirement.

His cowboy action shooting holsters set new benchmarks in cowboy gun leather performance and construction for holster companies such as Aker, DeSantis, Galco, Shooting Systems, and many more. If you want to find out more about old west holsters, check out our blog. We offer lots of information about everything from your favorite cowboy shoulder holster to history on cowboy gun leather. You can also purchase Holstory online.

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