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Custom Leather Holsters

Red Nichols: Custom Leather Holsters

Red Nichols is a guru of custom leather holsters. He learned about custom gun leather through his apprenticeship with world-renowned John Bianchi, one of the significant holster makers in gun leather history. Nichols made a reputation for himself in custom leather holsters as well, producing custom leather holsters that set new benchmarks in gun leather performance and construction for significant holster makers such as Aker, DeSantis, Galco, Shooting Systems, and many more.

Now, Red Nichols and gun leather collector John Witty offer the Holstory on Brill, Myers, Heiser, and other men who created custom leather holsters for significant holster makers of the twentieth century. It's a holster history complete with full—color photographs from Witty's collection and fascinating stories about custom leather holsters and significant holster makers. There's also in-depth history regarding concealment holsters and the shooters who wore them. The chronology follows early designs and the evolution that led to a cover for the trigger guard revolvers and semi-automatics.

Holstory is a collector's quality hardcover coffee table book. It boasts 360 color images of custom leather holsters along with footnotes to support the history of significant holster makers. It highlights how custom leather holsters mean a better draw because they fit a specific weapon. If you want to find out more about holster history, check out our blog. We offer lots of information about custom leather holsters and gun leather. You can also purchase Holstory online.

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