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Leather Holsters For Revolvers

The History of Leather Holsters For Revolvers

There's a long and rich history in leather gun holsters. Gun leather evolution started with the pommel bag holster—the first form of gun leather, made mostly for military use. At the time, it was the easiest way to carry pistols and all the accessories. By the early twentieth century, the crafting of leather holsters for revolvers included gun belts and shoulder holsters.

If you want to learn about the history of holsters for revolvers, you'll find that much of it is disconnected, far from a chronological recording that makes it easy to follow. However, there is a book that covers leather gun holsters and the significant history of leather gun holsters that took place between 1905 -1985 when innovations in western gun leather flourished. Renowned craftsman Red Nichols and holster guru John Witty teamed up to create this coffee-table volume in the American history of gun leather and custom leather holsters for revolvers.

This history book, with full-color photography from Witty's collection, will bring the history of gun leather holsters to life, with an in-depth review of holsters, catalogs, and advertisements from the most significant gun holster makers of the twentieth century. Witty's carefully chosen photos illustrate the most significant developments in the history of gun leather. His photographs enhance the detailed history of leather gun holsters and artisans such as Chic Gaylord. Nichols and Witty's Holstory tracks fifty significant holster makers. Their companies produced innovative leather gun holsters that provided the foundation in which we still use to craft gun leather today.

Holstory is a gorgeous coffee table book containing 360 color images along with footnotes to support the history of gun leather. It highlights how leather gun holsters mean a better draw because they fit a specific weapon. Red Nichols is the guru of leather holsters for revolvers. He learned about leather gun holsters through his apprenticeship with world-renowned John Bianchi in 1970. Nichols made a reputation for himself in gun leather, producing custom leather gun holsters that set new benchmarks in gun leather performance and construction for holster companies such as Aker, DeSantis, Galco, Shooting Systems, and many more.

Do you love stories about the wild west and cowboys? Holstory is full of true stories about the gunslingers and lawmen who depended on well-made gun leather to keep them alive. You'll be thrilled with full-color photographs of the actual gun leather worn by some of your favorite legends. If you want to find out more about the history of gun leather, you can purchase Holstory online.

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