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 Red Nichols is the "Yoda" of Holster Designers. 

American Handgunner,  2017

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Red Nichols has written 'early and often' about gunleather in the industry press.  Here are just some of his published works:

ALL NEW in 2022:

"HOLSTORY - Gunleather of the Twentieth Century - The Second Edition".

The full-sized, hardcover 250-page book  is filled with the biographies and color images of the makers, holsters and guns that created all of gunleather's history during the period 1905-1985. 


The Second Edition ADDS THREE CHAPTERS to the First and finally tells the full story of the times.

Gun Holsters
 Red Nichols is the "Yoda" of Holster Designers. 
HOLSTORY Gunleather of the twentieth century


Red Nichols joined the gunleather industry over a half-century ago when he apprenticed as a designer/maker to world-renowned John Bianchi in 1970.  He spent the decades of the 1970s and 1980s developing all of the Bianchi Holster Co.'s American-made product line and setting new benchmarks for gunleather performance and construction.


Then came the 1990s and his Nichols Innovation Co., the world's first consulting design service to the holster industry, where he created more industry standards for holster companies including Aker, DeSantis, Galco, Shooting Systems and dozens more.


Now after another two decades in Queensland, Australia designing and building the ultimate horsehide gunleather, finally Red has retired with 50 years' service to gunleather and hung up his shop apron forever.  Visit his gunleather blog, though, at!

TRUE CUSTOM Red Nichols Holsters

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1971 GW
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Buffalo Bill holster set

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